Day 1- MTC (post from mom)

Today was the true definition of bittersweet. We all knew what was coming but none of us really wanted to think too much about it. We spent the morning tying up last minute details and just passing time. We decided to go grab lunch and Matthais chose one of his favorites, Chik-fil-a. Matthais also gaveMillie and Owen CTR rings that matched his. 

We still had lots of time so we decide to walk around the temple and take some pictures. 

There were several other missionaries there and I think we all felt the same dread of what was coming. When it was time to go we climbed in the car and Matthais offered the last family prayer he would with us for two years. It was a beautiful touching prayer and I think we all felt the power of his words and felt the sadness of knowing it would be a long time before we all prayed together again. 

The MTC was everything you would think it was. Missionaries everywhere, and cars lines up dropping new missionaries off. Several missionaries called out to Matthais saying “welcome!” And “you’ll love it here!” It was so great seeing their bright shining faces! Then it was time to say goodbye. 

That’s when the tears came! We were saying goodbye. Matthais was strong and looked so happy. That made it so much easier. 

We got his first email telling us his companion is Elder Wilson but that was really all he said. We still don’t know his P day or any mailing address. I’ll update the blog with it as soon as I know. 

The love I felt from my friends today was overwhelming. So many reached out with texts, gifts and treats. Nothing compared to the love I felt from my Heavenly Father though. I got a little glimpse of how it must have felt when we left him and our Heavenly Mother for our earthly mission. I can find comfort in the fact that Elder Harris will be instrumental in reuniting our brothers and sisters in Mexico with our Heavenly Parents. That makes it worth it all. 

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