Week 1- ¡Hola!

Well that’s really about all the Spanish I know right there, but I’msupposed to teach a lesson in full Spanish today. That’s gonna be a blast! My companion is named Elder Wilson, he’s a pretty cool guy, used to play football and all that. He’s got a big heart though and for that I love him.

Anyway! The first day was kinda crazy! They had me run through almost the entirety of the MTC in the course of about an hour before they had me sit down for my first lesson. From day one, the lessons have been almost entirely in Spanish. This was fine for almost everyone else as I’ve found out almost everybody else (besides my companion of course) had taken 3 years of Spanish prior to entering the MTC. The two of us are totally clueless as of right now though, but I’m working hard on it.
Honestly for the most part I like it here. My zone is full of a lot of cool elders who know that sometimes it’s necessary to have a little bit of fun to stay sane. Sadly, more than half of them leave in a little under a week so we’re gonna be down to half of our numbers then.
Fun fact, my district is pretty cool. It’s a group of 6 elders who basically dwarf the rest of the districts in our zone. We played kickball yesterday and I overheard one of the other elders say “Kickball was fun until the district full of olympians showed up” Anyway, so far I’m having fun. I only thought about running away once so far. Yesterday we had the worst lesson I have ever had to sit through, especially when I’m stressing that I would much rather be learning Spanish than how to teach people for the millionth time. I’m currently on the IPad they gave me, so I can’t exactly hook up my camera, but I’m going to try to get to a computer to send some pictures later today!

Anyway! I love you guys, I’ll write more next week!
Elder Harris

Here’s my district. From the left it’s Elder Burnett, Elder Forsburg, me, in front of me is My companion Elder Wilson, then Elder Beynon, and finally Elder Lawrence

Me and my companion after studying 

My first awkward attempt at a selfie, didn’t turn out so well. Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out before I get out of here.

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