Mother’s Day (post from mom)

When we realized that Matthais would be leaving the week of Mother’s Day, we joked about the Mother’s Day phone call. It seemed so silly that his semi-annual phone call would be just days after he left. The funny thing is, for all of us it has felt much more than just five days and I for one really appreciated the call. 

No Skype, just a 30 minute phone call that we all gathered in our bedroom for. It was so good to hear his voice. 

He is doing good, staying busy and trying hard to learn Spanish. He went to the temple yesterday (Saturday is his P day) and on Friday he taught his first lesson in Spanish. He said it was a struggle, he understood what was being said but had no idea what to say back. He knows it will come and isn’t frustrated yet. He says he is having fun and enjoying himself. We also got a fun surprise 

This is our good friends the Warners who are serving at the MTC on Sundays. They ran into Matthais in the lunchroom and sent us this picture. Jeff was also able to give him a hug. It made me super happy! They have been great role models to Matthais so I am happy he got to see them. 

I miss him, and I have worried and prayed that he will at least be ok. Talking to him and knowing that he is makes me feel so much better. 

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