Week 3- ¡Solamente Español!

Howdy Everyone! All is muy bien at the CCM. My spanish is really starting to take off here. I’m still far from fluent but I am definitely learning quickly. I was the only person in my district with absolutely no experience with Spanish, and yet people are starting to ask me grammar questions. However, going to the Mexican Consulate was a truly humbling experience as I thought “Yeah, I can do all this in Español” until the lady behind the desk started rapid firing questions to me in full speed spanish. I got “How are you doing” one second and in the next second she had already asked me where I was going in Mexico and what my business there was, and some other words that I assume were less important in between those ones. Thankfully, she gave me the stamp of approval and I should be able to enter the country when the time comes.
An interesting experience I had there was that I did try to talk to people a little bit as they were coming inside until I was speaking to one Hispanic guy and came to realize that he actually didn’t speak any Spanish. That kind of made me feel dumb.
It’s been a good week though, it has just flown by. On Tuesday we had Elder Renlund come and speak to us and we actually got the opportunity to shake his hand and that was pretty cool. We had our first “real’ investigator this week and as usual I spoke the entire time because my companion has yet to apply himself to learning the language. It is honestly very frustrating to see him over there doodling when he should be studying the language. It was still an awesome experience though, she’s actually from Mexico and she is the nicest lady I have ever met. I know not everyone down there is like that, but gosh I gotta love her and she makes me so excited to get to Mexico!
We got a new companion this week and wow was that an adjustment. Just as Elder Wilson and I had started to get along we got a new companion, Elder Johnson. He has not been the easiest person to get along with. He has plenty of complaints and he has plenty to say about what everyone is doing wrong. We had to have a talk with him about that, and since then it has been a little better. But it is still an adjustment.
Anyway! Things around here don’t change all that much. It’s mostly just studying and destroying the new elders and sisters in kickball. That’s always a blast! So yeah, hope everyone is doing well, I know I am. Love you all!
Elder Harris

Elder Wilson, myself, and elder Johnson at the temple

My selfie game is slowly but surely improving, I have still yet to learn how to smile though

This is me and Elder Burnett. He is seriously one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. I love this kid. He’s gonna be awesome

4 thoughts on “Week 3- ¡Solamente Español!

  1. Elder Matthais is gonna be a rockstar in the mission field. So proud of him! My mission started in the exact way with companions that hadn’t yet seen the light. The Gospel is perfect but missionaries are far from that. They would have ruined the work many years ago if the Lord only had them to count on. Keep the faith Matthais and you will be a great asset in the Lords toolbox.

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  2. Living with, working on a job with, doing a Church calling with or being a neighbor with all require adjusting to an individual who is “DIFFERENT” than we are. All through life, we have the challenge of trying to understand why those around us, even in our home, act the way they do and say the things they do and think the way they think. Sometimes we can NEVER figure them out, but just have to accept them as they are, as THEY try to figure out life on earth for themselves. I believe, that is why there is sometimes such chaos in the world…because some people just can’t “live with” what other people are doing or thinking. Sometimes, we just have to LET others “be themselves” and keep on doing what WE do, the best that we know how to do, trying to accept and even love them in spite of our differences. After 74 years in mortality, I have learned to try to say to myself, “don’t judge or think badly of that other person, it’s between THEM and God”. And then just get on with accepting them and maybe even loving them as the Savior loves them. Matthais, you are truly learning LOTS of new things there in the MTC, about yourself and YOUR capabilities and others and THEIR capabilities. Most of all, you are putting yourself into God’s Hands and helping Him guide others to Him. Your example is going to be a light for many to see and follow. We as your Family love you more than you know, and support you with that love every day. Our prayers are for you and we look forward to seeing all the ways you will learn and grow in the next two years. Each of US are also learning and growing right along with you. Each day, that’s what life is about, I guess. The MTC has such a spiritual atmosphere, and we loved being there each week when we served there. Have fun and work hard and know how much we love you. With hugs and kisses, Grandma and Grandpa Harris


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