Week 4- Somos nada. Este es el leccion lo mas importante

Wow! What a week this has been. A lot of crazy things have been going on at the MTC. The zone is starting to go a little crazy, sometimes blatantly disobedient, sometimes it’s just breaking an unwritten rule, and sometimes they do the sorts of things that are probably the reason rules get made in the MTC. 
We started off this week by learning how to break into other rooms on our floor. An elder decided to use nothing more than a notecard, some dental floss, and a vacuum cleaner and managed to break into several rooms. Yeah. I wasn’t sure how that was gonna work either, but the details aren’t important, what is important is that they somehow made it work. However, one time I had to dismantle the vacuum cleaner in order to save them from having to call a custodian… Does that make me an accomplice? I don’t know. It’s not important anyway.
This week we’ve been playing a ton of soccer. Sadly, It’s been discovered that I am the best goalkeeper, so I doubt they’ll let me play anything else any time soon. I still love that we get to play every day though!
The new building for the MTC is finally finished! I’m super excited to move in there! Seriously, the classrooms are so dull and sad I totally understand why people hate it here. In the words of one of my teachers, Hermano Horsley “Just because Joseph Smith had some of his most powerful spiritual moments in Carthage jail doesn’t mean we should design classrooms like it” As a district we got our pictures taken there and they are possibly going to be used in the website or in the presentation to the quorum of the twelve, so that’s awesome! We also got a private tour of the building so we are some of the very very few missionaries that have seen the inside! It is such a beautiful building you just wouldn’t believe it. It’s full of these incredible backlit murals and some of the most incredible design I’ve seen in a classroom. We have a beautiful view of Provo from our new class which is on the 5th floor. I’m so excited!!
We held a graduation ceremony for our youngest elder in our zone, Elder Dunshee. He graduated early and came on a mission, and last night would’ve been his graduation, so we gave him the ceremony he deserved.
Anyway, I’m so grateful for all your letters! I love you all! The spanish is going so incredibly well you wouldn’t believe it. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! 
Elder Harris

Myself and the man of the hour, Elder Dunshee. The only graduating member of the class of 2017 on our floor. What a guy!Part of the celebration 

My Favorite Mural in the new building! Moses parting the red sea, what a beautiful picture! (Sorry if the format is a little weird, it’s a panorama photo)

If you’re wondering who the best models in the MTC are then look no further. 

During our tour of the new building we had to snap ourselves a bathroom selfie. I think I look pretty good

3 thoughts on “Week 4- Somos nada. Este es el leccion lo mas importante

  1. Love you my boy! Glad you are learning, loving and growing! That’s the best and most important thing we can do.


  2. Thank you for sharing a sneak peak to the new MTC. The pic of Moses parting the red sea is astounding. Please show us more.
    I’m glad you are enjoying learning Spanish. What a spiritual gift that is to learn so quickly. I send my faith and prayers.
    Love, Michelle


  3. That new building is astounding ! You are very fortunate to still be there to see this. Otherwise, you’d never be there again 🙂 We are excited for you in so many ways. So proud of you, Matthais. Love Grandma and Grandpa Harris


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