Week 5- Elder Harris, travel leader 

Big news! I got my travel plans and I am scheduled to leave the MTC for Mexico in 9 days exactly! Even bigger news, I’m the travel leader which is a ton of responsibility, basically I have to get everyone in my group safely to Mexico City. I’ve got a pretty big group comprising a whole one person, that person being myself. So honestly this might be the biggest responsibility that has ever been put onto my shoulders. Not sure how to handle this, but I’ll keep working on my leadership skills.
Those of you that pay a lot of attention to my emails will know that I’m actually supposed to have a companion who is headed to Mexico city too, sadly it seems that he has not obtained a visa so I will indeed be flying out to Mexico City alone. 
Anyway, speaking of flying out I am so ready to get out of this place. Spanish is going awesome for me, yesterday I used the past subjunctive tense in a lesson (almost) correctly, which is a huge step, let me tell you. It’s basically the hardest form of conjugation in Spanish as far as I’m aware, and honestly let me tell y’all how real the gift of tongues is. 
I came in with no knowledge of Spanish, Thursday I was teaching someone in my district who had 3 years of Spanish knowledge along with the same time in the MTC a concept in Spanish that he didn’t understand. El don de lenguas es real. Like seriously it’s all about faith in here. We talk a lot about how you don’t receive blessings until after the trial of your faith. 
“Dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.”—Ether 12:6
This scripture basically sums up my MTC experience. I just want y’all to know that. We are promised many things when we are faithful. For me, I’m promised the gift of tongues. But that doesn’t mean that I can just sit around waiting for the language to come. I have to study, I have to ask for it, and I need to have the faith to open my mouth and know that it will be filled with what I am meant to say, but it is really important that I both prepare and that I have faith and open my mouth. The same goes for everything, be willing to take the first step without knowing that you’re being helped, and you will receive that witness, but not before the trial of your faith.
Anyway, Hope everything is good for everyone! Things here have been good, but I’m excited to leave. Anyway, love you all!!
Elder Harris

All of us posing in our brand new classroom​


A totally candid shot of me looking over the sunset, appreciating its beauty. ​


Just another day at the residencies​


The second picture of us posing. Aren’t we just handsome?​

Our new view from our new classroom!​


2 thoughts on “Week 5- Elder Harris, travel leader 

  1. So excited for you to be able to fully see the world outside of this Utah Bubble…..
    I have no doubt that You will be an amazing servant in the spreading the truthfulness of the gospel and allowing the spirit to lead and guide you because of your faith that shines so bright and your love that you share with so many you come in contact with.
    Be safe and know that we love you and pray for safety along with success with those that have been anxiously waiting for an angel of the lord that can help them find that true path of everlasting life!


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