Week 6- ¡Estamos Listos!

​​Oh wow! What a week this has been. Days seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and it’s starting to just be a blur. It’s a weird feeling honestly, knowing that within the next 48 hours I will be done with my MTC experience. It’s been quite fun honestly but I am definitely done with my time here. As enjoyable as this place is, and as much as it probably is the country club of the mission I am just wishing that I was all done here. Yesterday we had “In-field orientation” which is basically just the MTC’s way of trying to get you acquainted with missionary work, but I feel like our amazing teacher Hermano Erickson did a much better job of teaching that than they could’ve possibly done so It felt like a waste of time. But it’s alright haha. 
Speaking of which, Hermano Erickson. What a champion. That man has taught me more about the mission than I think anyone before my mission or while I’ve been here has. He and another teacher, Hermano Horsley have just been the saving grace of the MTC and I’m not gonna lie, when I had to say goodbye to them on Thursday I had to shed a small, manly tear. Great guys. I’m gonna miss them.
Also my district, seriously what a group of studs. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here with them and I think that it was definitely orchestrated by someone else because we all went through some crazy circumstances to be here together at this same time. They have honestly very quickly become some of my best friends and I love each and every one of them. I will miss each and every one of them and I wish them the best on their missions.
One last major thing, I had the opportunity to shake the hands of President Uchtdorf and to get a picture taken with him. That was cool! I’m barely peaking over someone else’s shoulder, but it’s all good haha! Anyway, this has been a great week and I am so looking forward to entering the field! Elder Johnson is being transferred to Atlanta Georgia for a little bit, I’m super pumped for Mexico City, but also a little nervous. Odds are, my next companion won’t speak English. Odds are, I won’t be speaking English for a couple years starting on this Monday. What a scary thing to think about haha, but I’m also not worried. The gift of tongues is real and I am learning spanish very quickly and I don’t plan on slowing down. I know that I’ll be fine. I love you all and wish you a great week and a happy fathers day. 
Elder Harris

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