Week 1 in the field! -somebody once told me 

Wow. What a strange start. ¡Buenos días! This place is absolutely insane and incredible. I am constantly blown away by how different things are here. Before I got here I joked that basically I was going stateside since I figured everything would be pretty similar here, since it was one of the biggest cities in the world. But boy, I could not have been more wrong. This place is so drastically different from the good old USA, especially the area which I am in. It’s called “la torres” which means the pines. It’s a bit far into the mountains and honestly it is so quiet and tranquil here and I love it. 
Well, quiet and tranquil by Mexico City standards. Compared to Pleasant Grove Utah it’s still massive and loud and there are so many people here. But I love it because I just go around and say ¡Buenos días! And ¡Buenos Tardes! and just about every person will respond. What nice people! And sincerely, every meal besides breakfast is provided by a member. Always. The members are always asking if they can feed us. The food is pretty good too. And there is just so much of it! Yesterday we went to a member’s house and they gave me a huge bowl of soup, so I finished it and figured that was it. Well, lo and behold, 2 minutes later she brings out a huge platter with steak, fréjoles, and rice on it. I was already full. I finished it though, and jeez. I haven’t eaten anything since and I’m still not hungry nearly 24 hours later.
The people here are great. They’re just lovely people and honestly I love it here. Even just walking through dirt streets in parts of town where I’m sure any American would be afraid to walk in it’s just so beautiful. No two houses are alike, and even if they look scary they really aren’t. There are all sorts of people walking around. It almost makes it a little hard to get pictures because I’m trying to not appear like a tourist since I am the only white guy for miles. Which is funny, because literally every one of the women of our members has commented on “How beautiful” I am. I think It’s the blue eyes haha. It’s just a different culture and I love it so much. I am doing well and I’ll be sure to add more pictures next week since I honestly don’t have too many today! I love you all and I hope you are doing well.
-Elder Harris
PS: sorry for any spelling errors, the keyboard here is different and Basically every word comes up as incorrrect in spell check haha!
Sorry! This one is a little blurry because I was trying to take it while walking, but just believe me, it’s beautiful

I’ve got a couple photo’s with my new district. One of the Hermanas is leaving though, so we took a goofy photo with her.

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