Week 8- ¡Eres tu!

Howdy everybody! Hope everything is going well at home. Today marks my one week point. I am picking up the language pretty quickly. Very quickly in fact. I finally had a chance to somewhat meet the mission president apart from when he picked me up at the airport and we exchanged names and that was about all the conversation we had. But when he finally talked to me on friday he asked me “So where did you learn your spanish?” And when I told him that it was just the MTC he was very surprised haha. The same whenever we meet with anyone new. Every day we eat with a different member, and every time I tell them that I’m brand new to the mission they are really surprised. That’s honestly the best compliment I could get about my spanish haha. They also tell me I speak really well and without an accent really. What can I say, haha. The Gift of tongues is real.
Anyway, What else? This place is really cool, I love the area I’m in. It’s so different from the states and honestly I feel bad saying ther I’m from there because I know that they know how much more we have there. It’s a truly humbling experience. But the members are so kind! Every month they pass around a calendar and literally every day is filled with a member who is willing to feed us! And It’s always so much food that I can’t believe it. 
Not much happened this week, mostly we’ve been spending time trying to reactivate a lot of the members in the area. We have a ton of inactive members in our area. We have enough members to probably make 2 or 3 wards, but we only have 1 ward of active members. A lot of them have moved, usually what happens is we make an appointment to meet with one of them and I’m pretty sure they always schedule us when they know they won’t be home and they wont have to talk to us.
But it’s all good! My companion and I get along great! He is from Guatamala and doesn’t really speak English, but it’s good. Like I said, my spanish has progressed really quickly. They other day, I made a bet with him that I could greet everyone on the street and have them greet me back. It was going really well, until we reached a couple just totally making out on the street and I thought to myself that I was done for. Well, lo and behold, I greeted them with a “Good afternoon!” and no joke, they stopped kissing for a brief moment to greet me with a good afternoon of their own.
Wow, The people here are always surprisiing me haha. Anyway, I love you all! Things are going well, and I miss y’all but I know this is where I’m supposed to be right now!
Love, Elder Harris
Here’s a picture of how different the houses look. Just look at that one that’s like a castle haha. Isn’t that awesome??

Haha, my hair is getting a little long, I need a haircut! But this is the first time I ate tacos in Mexico! Everyone told me I needed to get a picture haha

​Anyway! love you all! have a great week!

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