¡Vive America!

Mexico is great and all, but man! I’m a little sad to be missing out on the Fourth of July! It’s all good though!
This week has been interesting, we’ve been busy with some business, I had my first Zone conference and we got ourselves two new investigators. Their names are Daniella and Omar. It’s awesome because honestly in this area the people are really closed off. Every person we talk to its the same, No thank you, I’m catholic. No thank you, I’m Catholic, No thank you, Im Catholic. It’s so frustrating! But we were walking by Omar’s house and I saw that He was triying to put up a little shelter for his dog, and I said to my companion that we ought to help him out and lo and behold, an hour later we had finished dinner with him and his family and they were very interested in our message. Isn’t that great?
This week we also had our first zone conference and I was finally able to meet the mission president! He’s a great guy, I really like him. 
Spanish is really hard, I’m not gonna lie. Some people I can understand almost perfectly, but then some people just have this way of speaking that is just totally not clear! But I am making huge steps forward still. It’s an awesome language and I love having this opportunity to learn it! I still love the people here. The food is incredible!…. Usually. However, I have had to eat one of the worst meals in my entire life here. It was some sort of cauliflower in some sort of soup, I’m honestly not sure what it was but it literally tasted like puke. I marked that house off on my “Do not eat here” list haha.
Anyway! Life is good here in México! I hope everyone is having a great week. I love you all!!
-Elder Harris
PS: ¡Vive México!
Me and my companion with our fresh new haircuts 

 it has been so rainy here! Sometimes the streets are totally flooded and we are treading through 2 feet of water! It’s awesome!

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