Heyo everybody! I suppose you’re probably even more worried now!

First thing’s first, thank you all so much for your emails. Means a ton to me. Sorry if I didn’t get around to replying to you, I had a lot of emails today haha. But I just want to reiterate a couple things.
One, my testimony is not in danger. Honestly I feel like I’m not getting much help from heaven right now, I’m not recieving many answers, But I dont feel like I’ve been abandoned. I know there is a reason for what I am feeling right now and I trust that there is something to be learned here. Sometimes I wish that I could have a different trial, or just have the knowledge given to me. But that’s just not how things work I’m afraid.
Two, please don’t take that letter as “I’m coming home” It really wasn’t meant to be like that. I just see a lot of missionaries that only write the good things, and honestly I don’t learn from the good things in my life. I want to share with all of you how I am growing out here and this is honestly one of the best learning experiences I have had. 
Three, I am fighting my hardest to stay out here but honestly things are getting worse. I am really not sleeping and that’s awful. I really appreciate your prayers so much and Im not asking for prayers, but if you want to pray for me thats what you should be praying for haha.
Anyway! Time for some good news! This week we’ve got our first baptism in this area! First baptism in a while in this area actually, they’ve stuck me in one of the least baptizing areas in the mission, but that doesn’t mean anything haha! We can still baptize here no matter what anyone says 😉 But her name is Jazmine, and she is just the sweetest lady I have ever met. She is so kind and her mom is always feeding us a ton of food, even when I was deathly ill to my stomach and I very clearly told her “No, Please, my stomach really really hurts and I don’t think that I should be eating”
That’s another thing I’ve learned about Mexico. They really don’t have a word for “No” thats why we just use the english word, “No” but they really don’t seem to understand that here, because they always ask “Elder Harris, do you want more?” And I always say “No, thank you, I am full” And they always come back with another plate bigger than the last. And because I’m a missionary and it’s very rude to not finish your food, I always do. Honestly the strangest miracle I’ve witnessed here is that I am somehow actually losing weight.
We also have a bunch of other new investigators. We’ve just been getting references like crazy from the ward members. One of our more recents is a small family who recently had their home broken into and desperately needed some peace. We met with them and it was awesome to see the mom gain even just a little bit of peace because she, like me, was just not sleeping and that’s a hard way to live. I was grateful that I could help to bring that peace into her life.
Anyway, I’m out of time here since I spent a ton of time reading your letters! Thank you all so much for that, I don’t really have many pictures this week, but I’ll share what I do have!
Love y’all! 

-Elder Harris

It’s been a while since I sent out an awkward selfie, here y’all go. 

We were walking through town and I encountered the great Mothra. You can’t really tell from this picture, but this thing is as big as my hand. It was crazy.

Honestly y’all wouldnt even believe the rain here. It’s just absolutely nuts. I was in the rain for a total of 5 minutes and I was absolutely soaked. ¡Que bueno!

One thought on “Heyo everybody! I suppose you’re probably even more worried now!

  1. Matthais! It is so nice to hear all your cool stories! And even the raw truth of what you are going through. Honestly, I love that you are true and brave enough to be so honest. You are a good man. We love you and support you on or off the mission. But by the strength of your words I know you have it in you to get through these challenging times. We are thinking and praying for you! Much love!
    Aunt Brandi ❤


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